Artificial leather sofa fabrics are used at homes, offices, hotels and restaurants. The advantage of leatherite sofa is that it gives the look and feel of real leather sofa but there is no maintenance. Water spills and food spills can just be wiped. Leatherite has a vinyl coating on fabric and hence it does not absorb anything and there is no stain the in the sofa. It is very easy to maintain artificial leather sofa. Ddecor and other good companies have graded leatherite based in the usage. The unit to measure this is number of rubs or Martindale. Good quality leatherite would go in shape for 100000 rubs or 4-5 years. Climatic condtion and moisture play a role in the life of the leatherite fabrics. Get leatherite sofa fabrics online at the price of the art leather fabric is very reasonable. Leatherite is one of the best fabrics for sofa upholstery.

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