Curtain rods design matters in the interior design. It can be a traditional curtain rod such as Brass Curtain rod, Copper curtain rod or Wooden drapery rods. Price of these curtain rods are higher because of the materials. SS Curtain rods are used in contemporary interiors and minimalistic interior design. In modern interior design, colourful curtain rods are used to bring a tone to the interiors. Quality of the curtain rods determines the price of the curtain rods. For example, SS finish curtain rods available in regular hardware stores is around 300 gm for a 12 feet length whereas the SS finish curtain rods sold at amita curtain and wallpaper shop in HSR Layout, Bangalore is 1200 gm in weight for the 12 feet length. If it is a rental house, basic curtain rods are fine. If it is own home, it is better to go for a quality curtain rods as low-quality curtain poles will bend over time. Curtain rods are usually mounted with Curtain brackets fitted to the wall. Curtain Brackets should be fitted at least 5 inches above the window and 5-10 inches below the window for window curtains and for Door curtains, it height of the curtain should be 1 inch above the ground. Rods for drapes with retractable pulling string can be used to pull the drapes through a string on both sides. Drapery rods can be mounted on bay windows, French windows, inside windows with a sitting space. Curtain rods can also be mounted on arched windows. Eyelet curtains runs mostly on curtain rods. Drapery rods can be bought online or at Curtain rod shops in Bangalore.

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